Image of Europe in top Russian TV channels

Fake news and troll factories are notorious phenomena of recent years. However, the research proves that Russian disinformation method is based on narratives, which authors suggest measuring as key structural elements of disinformation campaigns. Once established narratives are supported by fake news in smaller part, but mainly by deliberately manipulated interpretation of real events. These narratives keep attention of target audience in desired frame and are more sustainable comparing to just fake news, because even when countered by arguments they do not fail. This fundamentally changed the whole paradigm of news: facts and events are used to support the already prepared narratives. HWA Group of UCMC believes it is pivotal to be aware that according to Russian General Staff definitions of informational operations they are a continuous activity, regardless of the state of relations with any government, while the Westerners see informational operations as limited, tactical activity only appropriate during hostilities. In other words, Russia considers itself in a perpetual state of information warfare, while the West does not. This makes the West so vulnerable to systemic influence from Russia, as we have seen in recent years. The authors have thoroughly studied newscasts and political talk-shows on three biggest Russian national TV channels for the period of 3,5 years July 1, 2014 – December 31, 2017. Based on that monitoring data the research provides unique and profound summary of key narratives about Europe in top TV.

The presentation of the research is available here.

HWA Group consists of experts who worked in-house supporting Ukrainian Armed forces and Government institutions communications efforts in partnership with our Western allies since the beginning of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine


Oleksiy Makukhin
Director of Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group; Advisor to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine 2015-2018
Liubov Tsybulska
Deputy Director of Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group; Advisor to the Chief of General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces 2015-2018
Vilyen Pidgornyy
Head of Security & Defense Strategic Communications group at Administration of the President of Ukraine, 2014-2017
Ruslan Kavatsiuk
Advisor to the Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine 2016-2018

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